Thursday, October 4, 2007

Now I am really done. I sent in my tracking form and now I feel like I am done!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 9
#23 The End
You maybe thinking it took me forever to get this finished but I actually did it really fast. I started on September 26th and finished on October 3rd! That was only 7 days!!! I just wanted to point that out ;) Even though I am done it doesn't really feel like it. Probably because I have to fill out my tracking form and send that in. It is tough to pick one thing that is my favorite because I learned a lot in many of the "things." One of my favorites was creating my Avator though. I liked looking through all the backrounds and clothes and stuff. The other was probably YouTube because it gave me a good excuse to waste even more time on there. I will try to keep this blog going, though now it will be more about me and what it am doing with my life. Overall I learned a lot and would like to thank those who helped me (maurice and krista) when I got stuck :) GOOD JOB!!!
Week 9
#22 Downloadable Audiobooks
I tried out Project Gutenburg. First I looked at the top downloads, then I looked up some other authors. I then looked up some authors of books I have recently read but none of them came up. So I think this site is good but more if you are looking classic authors.
Week 9
#21 Discover Some Useful Tools For Locating Podcasts
I tried the three sites listed and none of them would play on my computer. I would have had to install all kinds of stuff to get it to work, so I didn't. I do have and iPod and am subscribed to a bunch of different podcasts on iTunes. I love podcast because there are so many different things and they are free!
Week 9
#20 Discover YouTube
I couldn't choose just one video so here are a bunch of my favs. They are all dances from So You Think You Can Dance. Enjoy!

Yahoo! Avatars